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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have a Happy Period?

Whom ever invented the phrase "Have a Happy Period Always" (which I'm asuuming that it is the makers of Always pads and tampons) needs kicked in the shins!

I mean really... who has a happy period? And if you do...what's the freaking secret!

I personally don't have a happy period...when that time of the month rolls around Happy does not describe me in any way!

Let's face it ladies, we are bloated, constipated, tired, cranky, moody, and above all else.....we are not HAPPY!

Hey this may be something you don't want to read...then again you are probably laughing your ass off.

But I'm not happy. This is the woman's curse. And a curse it is. Bleeding for 4-7 days straight, not being able to fit into my clothing, being tired and crank...well that's not my definition of being happy.

So I think Always, Kotex, Tampax and anyother "period product consumer" needs to shove it up their arse! We are not happy when this time comes around and I'm sure NEITHER ARE YOU!

Later Taters,

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The Glamorous WAHM said...

Hey girlie! How are you? I miss ya!
I don't know about a happy period either! It's the worse time of the month for me and we won't even talk about PMS!!!! But I try and stay on the positive side and thank God that body is functioning correctly. :) My mom had a hysterectomy by the time she was 35. I'm far so good! :)