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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well well well....

Updates all accross the board.... well no not really. All I do anymore is work work work... And for those of you that don't know, all I am is a waitress. LOL Nothing fascinating there. I work for the wonderful old Waffle House and deal with random drunkeness on the weekends. Yes sometimes I feel the need to slap them in the face and remind them how old they really are...but hey... Guess they gotta live it up somehow right?

So how are all of you out there in the blogosphere? Do any of you actually read these? LOL


bernthis said...

I read you and a bunch of others. Sitting here waiting for my hard work to show some results. STaying positive, reading "The Secret", whatever it takes. It;s exhausting being happy.

ABrownEyedMom said...

I do read your blog, I have your blog listed on my blog. :)

I am still job searching with no luck. Hopefully that will change. I am also looking at work at home jobs too.