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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Having a blast

Well life is defiantly interesting for me! July has be soooo hectic and busy and fun! Had the awaesomeness of Stone Mtn for 4th of July! Had dad's b day party the 5th.. went to six flags....

And I did something today that I haven't done in YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually went swimming.. and no I do not mean in a regular swimming pool either... I mean a lake where you don't have any friggin clue as to what is swimming around you.

Now this is a feat for me! Obviously you don't know me well enough to know of my fear of water that I can't see the bottom of! I don't know what it is actually, just something about not knowing what is swimming around you scares the hell out of me! This hasn't always been the case for me. I use to go tubbing and rafting and all that fun stuff... But I think I've just seen to many of those movies that it just freaked me out to lake and river water. Needless to say I was pretty liqured up before I managed the dive in! LOL And now I'm suffering from a sun burn from hell. But man was it worth the relaxing day.

I'm in the process of a video vlog for you all..... I've managed to complete it, not the task is figuring out how to upload it! But I promise it is coming soon!!!

Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Tenakim said...

good to see you're having fun and getting out there!

Ivanhoe said...

Hey there! I'm glad you are enjoying your summer :o)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love Stone Mtn. We used to eat lunch there after church every Sunday! We had our own little spot. I miss it!

bernthis said...

I still won't go in anything where I can't see the bottom and your reasons are the exact same as mine

* TONYA * said...

Good on you for braving the lake. I'm a frady cat. No way. No how. Unless one of my kids was drowning.

So glad you are enjoying yourself.