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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kinda blah?????????

So not to much to report. Yesterday was Joey's Birthday. And I hope he had a fab one!

Slept away most of today. As the wife is now gone for work I am finding nothing to do with my time and it is kinda driving me nuts. Yes I "know" I have house cleaning that could be done, dresser drawers that 'could' be cleaned out or re-arranged...closets that need tiding...But man I just don't wanna!!!

That's me throwing a fit if you can't tell!
Have you ever just 'known' that you NEEDED to do something..Looked around and just saw all that needs to be done, but just kinda pretended not to see it??? Well that's kinda what I am doing right now.... just pretending it's not there.
If only we had this kinda button in real life :

Man that would be really really nice wouldn't!?

Well I think I may actually get to cleaning something around here if it's not ALL re-runs on tv! But if not then the bed is calling for me to take a nap since the dog decided to wake me up at noon! (Yea we didn't get to bed til 8, and 4 hours of sleep isn't agreeing with me right now)
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Anonymous said...

How can you not have anything to do? You have like 47 blogs!!!!!

Superficialgirl said...

Lol, i feel exactly the same! Pile of washing, dirty dishes but i just dont want to :( :( hehe

Mrs4444 said...

Sebrae, that Ignore thing? I do it all the time. We have to have our priorities, right?! Hope you had a good nap :)

dizzblnd said...

Ahhhh yes.. the ignore button. I need one in every room in the house! I can't see the tops of any of my dressers.. there now ya feel less guilty

LL Cool Joe said...

Thanks again for my birthday message, it was cool. :)

The snow here is beginning to thaw! Yes!

Oh yeah, I'm really good at ignoring all the crap that needs to be done here too. I need to get lights up, paint the walls, finish repairing a picture, and yet I'm here commenting on your blog!

BrandyEllen said...

Thanks for all the comment love! I had fun doing product review with kiara for Dana's book!

I am sorry I have been slacking on comments - been going outta my mind busy ;-) LOL

Hope u are doing good,