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Thursday, January 1, 2009

You all are just dying to know aren't you?

You are all just dying to know what I did for New Years Eve... I know I know the anticipation is killing you greatly!

So did I get plastered?
Did I go out with my friends?
Did I have a blast?


I know you are all wondering why why why. Well let me explain the events of my New Years Eve and New Years day with you all.

First I blogged about wanting to get plastered and go out and have a grand old time. Didn't I?? I think I did.

This is how it all played out!
New Years Eve :
Woke wife up at 10:45pm (yes that is PM!!!)
Tried really hard to convince the wife to go out.. To NO avail
Watched the ball drop at midnight on MTV.
Watched TV for a bit
Went to bed at 4am
Woke up at 8am
Went shopping for the necessities (i.e. grocries, household items, dog food the usual)
Came home and cleaned house like a mad woman (for 4 hours) with the wife so that we could wait another hour to get our new couch (leather) delievered (in laws got it for us for Christmas)
Re-arranged living room
Made a fabulous roast chicken with italian seasoning carrots, potatoes and onions (in the slow cooker with chicken stock) Might I say it was mouth watering.
Watched the Bones marathon (after the house was put back together)
And took a nap at 7:30pm and it is now 10pm
The wife is still sleeping
I am up blogging

The nice 3 bottles of wine that are in the fridge are still sitting there...

Yup that was my night and day in a nutshell! How was yours?
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Well that is all to report! Going to either lay back down or get a shower... Not sure what to do yet!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter
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Karen said...

I had a quiet New Year's eve as well. Was going to go downtown to photograph the fireworks, but they got cancelled. Stayed home instead and watched the celebrations on TV, cuddled up on the couch with the dogs. Much nicer and I stayed warm :-)

Happy New Year to you and the wife !!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I slept and ate and then slept.

Anonymous said...

Do we live Identical lives? We stayed in, had a few drinks and watched the ball on TV.

Spent the rest of our days doing random errands and stuff.

Dorsey said...

Sounds eerily similar to my night's events...I drank Mimosas with my aunt, ate some jalapeno poppers and hot wings, watched the ball drop (at 11:00 here in CST) and then watched Mary Poppins on my laptop all while at my mom's house. No New Year's kiss or anything for me this year, and its beginning to look like hubby and I won't be together on my birthday either. Suck!!

~E said...

GODDAMIT!!! I missed the BONES marathon?!?! Dang it Sabrae, I thought we were chicas! Why the hell didn't you tell me?!? Now my whole year is ruined!


Nah, just kidding. I had a quiet new year too...dinner and wine with friends. Stayed toasty warm under the covers with my New Year's kiss. Perfect way to start off the new year!

HealthyHomeJunkii said...

My husband had to work that night. My son went to bed by 7pm-ish. I stayed up until about 9:30pm. I didn't hear my husband come home but woke up for a second around 1:30am and he was home then.

Happy New Year everyone!

LL Cool Joe said...

We went out to a dinner party. I drank far too much champagne. Fell into bed abut 2.00am. Woke up at 4.00am with a hangover. Don't really remember much else.

Happy New Year!

So Sabrae, have you actually made any money from having the adverts on your blog?

♥georgie♥ said...

Happy New Year!!!

Sparkling Red said...

I went to a church potluck dinner, which was actually a lot of fun. Left at 10pm. By 11:40pm I was in my pyjamas and praying to stay awake a little longer so I could give my hubby a midnight kiss. I made it until the clock ticked over, did the kiss thing, and then I was out like a light.

dizzblnd said...

There are New Year's Eve nights that I would like notheing better than to stay home, but instead we went to SIL drank lotsa Tequila Played RB2 and ping-pong.. came home arounf 12:15, in bed by 12:30 slept til 7 lazed around all day, didn't even shower ewwwwwwwww