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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Short, sweet, and to the point

It's now 2:03am here in grand old Ohio! Whew... Only I will have to be back up soon anyway to deal with the dogs and everything else going on in this house hold! YIKES! Can't say it isn't tuff dealing with greif from the loss of Clyde, brining a new dog home that we knew really nothing about, and the other 2 dogs we already have. Not to mention that the wife is pretty much handicapped and just sleeps from the drugs she is on and dealing with her ear surgery! (and by drugs I mean pain meds!)

So I finally get some me time! Oh you would laugh at the day I've had! Got woke up by the new man of the house Max at 3:40am to go potty! YAY he lets us know! What a relief that I don't have to train him! Right? HA! At least he pee's outside! He likes to POOP indoors! OMG! But hey... just something else for me to do right? LOL! Our other two dogs are taking to him somewhat ok... But I think they are kinda confused on where Clyde went.. Not sure how you explain that to some dogs... But we are working on it! It's kinda funny. All of Clyde's toys are 'protected' from Max by Duke and Daisy. If he starts playing with any of them Duke and Diasy get kinda defensive and take the toy from him and go put it in 'Clyde's toy spot'. And while it is cute and heartfelt, we have to break them from doing that so that Max has something to play with as well. LOL! The wife and I just kinda laugh it off and give the toys back to him. And walking this brute of a dog is a challenge for me! He is HUGE and tugs me around like a play toy! Can't count the number of times I fell on my ass taking him out! (It's freezing rain here, so you can imagine what the cement is outside our front door! PURE ICE) But I just shake it off. Although I need to be more careful! LOL! I already have a busted knee cap that I am supposed to have surgery on (I keep putting it off) So one wrong fall and I am screwed! But the wife can't do anyting! LOL! She is disabled at the moment!

Speaking of the wife! I have some hilarious pre-surgery pictures of her that I sooooo want to post and make you laugh. But I have been threatned with impending death in my sleep if I would actually post them! LOL!

I do finally have some pictures of Max and I think I'm going to share them with you now!

This is Max! How cute! Now tell me you wouldn't have walked out of that hospital with him as well???

He is adjusting quiet nicely! He is a wonderful companion to! Loves to sit in my lap (thinks he's a lap dog and I just let him) He sleeps in bed with me! lol It's to hard to tell him to get down. And he is pretty much house broken. (except for the whole poop issue) So no real training needed. Started teaching him the basic commands such as sit, shake, and high five.. Well he's only kinda go the sit down... so the rest will follow :)

Not much else to report really. I'm exhauseted. I tried flooding the kitchen today! Oh that was funny! I was trying to get the dishes done and had 3 dogs wanting to potty at the same time with only 2 leashes! So after taking Max out and being thrown around like a rag doll I decided to throw the dishes in the sink to soak for a few minutes... YEA... Ended up taking the two little ones outside and TOTALLY FORGOT that I left the water running in the sink! Water EVERYWHERE! I managed to get it cleaned up... But mind you it was after a lot of cussing and near tears! LOL! The wife feels so bad that she can't help me out around here! I just told her to shut up, sit down and be handicapped and that I can take care of it! I think I might have scared her a little!

Well off to grab a Diet Pepsi and off to bed!

Signing off,

Sabrae Carter


Karen said...

Sounds like you had an eventful day!!!

Glad Max is settling in. Hopefully the poop issue will clear up soon..

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like having dogs is more work than kids!

Tenakim said...

he seems nice- I can't do the pooping thing- you're a good woman!

♥georgie♥ said...

I thought you said short LOL that was a novel!!!
awwww max is a sweetie...hope the wifey is recoopin!

Sparkling Red said...

Darlin', you're livin' in a madhouse! I'm amazed how you manage to cope with good humour. The dogs and the wife are very lucky to have you to take care of them. I hope Max is easily trained off his bad habit of pooping indoors! That's just not nice!

Julie said...

Did I know you were in Ohio too???? said...

aww he's so cute!! i would've totally walked out of the hospital with him!!!
sorry about the kitchen hopefully it wasn't to hard to clean up........

~E said...

"drugs she is on and dealing with her ear surgery! (and by drugs I mean pain meds!)"