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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It has come to my attention....

That people in blog land here are thinking of me as somewhat of a scrooge??? I will not totally disagree with them... I do utterly hate the holidays..But let me explain...

I hate decorating - toooo much time and effort into decorating something that is going to be taken down in a month

I hate shopping - I have always hated shopping. This is nothing new... and it seems around the holidays that people just get crazy and I'd really rather just sit at home than go to jail for knocking someone out who is getting on my nerves or just is standing to close (I like my space)

I really have no family - except for the wife. So what the heck do I need to celebrate a holiday for??? She already got her Christmas present from me... Yes and it was a month early!

But to let you in on a little secret... I do have my own holiday traditions...

Thanksgiving - I watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I make my own Thanksgiving meal (turkey included) And I do it alone.. well not anymore...but I did!

Christmas - I watch the classics... The Grinch (not the fag one with Jim Carey) Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown, and A Christmas story. And yet again make a feast. I do (did) all of these things alone and by myself!

Well now that the wife and I are together she can watch these with me in the years to come (I already made her watch the Grinch and Rudolph with me) and we can do these things together... The only thing that I am fighting with her on is having to go to her parents for Christmas... YUCK! I'm not big on traditional family things.. i.e. getting together for every one's birthday, having family get together... nothing.. Never had it in my life and have done quite well without it. But I do it as a support to her...So I will grin and bare it and go. I love my wife and will do anything to make her smile.!

So to all of you out there .... I am not totally a Grinch or a scrooge! LOL! Only half of me is! And don't go trying to change it! Like I told Tena and Georgie...I will fight you to the death! lol

But on to some other news...I found out today that I was awarded an award... YAY ME! Came as a total surprise... Since I only know of a handful of people who actually comment on this blog didn't think lots of you actually read it! lol So I must be doing something right!!! Kel from Said she loved my blog and gave me this beautiful award! I felt so privileged that my name was number one on her list!

So proud... Now I know there are some rules to this award....and I think that I have to find 7 others blogs that I love and tag them... That will come later as it is now midnight here in Ohio and I have some other things to report and a ton of emails to go thru since I was not online that much today... So you all should leave some comments or something proving to me that you deserve this award! LOL Just kidding... I have in mind the 7 people I will tag... But that will probably come tomorrow night when I'm up late and can't sleep like usual!

On another note we did a basket of laundry today...woooohooo one whole basket out of the 4 we have piled up! lol

But something kinda scary happened when we got home. Our poor little baby girl Daisy has had some eye thing going on and we have been keeping a close watch of it. Been wiping it down everyday with a warm washcloth. It seemed to be getting better...but for some reason today it was just really bad and to the point where she couldn't even open it! Well we get home let the dogs outside to do their business and poor daisy starts like dog yelling or dog crying...and scratching her eye and freaking out... So we started freaking out and called the vet and got her an emergency appointment.... Well turns out or baby somehow managed to perforate AND ulcerate her eyeball! So the vet gave us a pill to give her once a day and two different types of cream and told us that it could be 6 weeks before it heals properly! So the vet tells us to also make sure that she doesn't scratch at it anymore so that it doesn't get worse and for us to put something on her paws to ensure it! We also have to keep her away from the other two dogs to ensure that they don't scratch at it or make it worse as well. So we get her home from the vet wrap up her paws with gauze and tape and give her a pill as prescribed by the vet and some ointment and she just passes out.... All fine and dandy til she wakes up and pukes all over the couch! Well needless to say the wife almost got sick after the dog... So I had to clean it up! You should have seen it! The dog is puking and the wife is hanging over the kitchen sink just gagging! It was all kinda surreal and I just had to step back and thank my lucky starts that it doesn't bother me! So now the dog can't sleep in her crate for 6 weeks with her brother and he is going nuts in his cage becuz they have NEVER been separated! So I am awake watching Daisy like a hawk and listening to her poor brother whine becuz she is not in their crate with him!

Well that is my day in a nutshell!

Signing off,

Sabrae Carter


Janie said...

Oooooh. Poor Daisy! That has to hurt!

Enjoying your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Vodka Mom said...

I"m so glad you got an award! You so deserve it!

Poor Daisy!!

The Pink Chick said...

I am so sorry to hear about Daisy! I hope she gets better very soon!

georgie said...

congrats on that bloggy bling!
poor poor daisey!!! I have to admit i got sick readin about that-I gots a week tummy

and lastly it is good to hear you are NOT a total scrooge LOL i wrote a letter to santa beggin him to take you off the naughty list!!! now I wont have to send it

Sparkling Red said...

Aw man! What an ordeal you've all been through! It's so hard not being able to explain to a pet what's going on. I had a cat who chewed the stitches from her spay operation and re-opened the incision at midnight on a Saturday. We had to pay about a million dollars for cab fare across town to the all-night vet clinic and then another million for the actual vet services. Bad kitty!

LL Cool Joe said...

Well done for the award! I always feel that no one's reading my blog either so it must be cool to get an award like that.

I'm with you on the Christmas stuff too. I hate the shopping and the family get togethers but I do like the decorations and getting drunk!

Oh getting new cd's too! :D

~C~ said...

Oh No! I hope poor Daisy is ok :)

and hayy you are no more scrooge than me sista! lol

Tenakim said...

poor Daisy! I knew you couldn't be a complete Scrooge. I was just like you when I was in college around the holidays- maybe you'll become a Christmas freak someday! Congrats on the award.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Congrats on the award. I'm sorry to hear about Daisy...I'm sure that's very scary and stressful. I'll send positive vibes for a quick recovery.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Congrats on the award!! And dog emergencies totally get me all freaked out. Poor daisy all taped up and separated from her bro. Now that sympathy is out of the way. Does she walk really funny with her paws taped up? I had a dog that needed that and he walked like he was in 12 inches of snow on the carpet and I died laughing at him. Does that make me evil?