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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can't it just be over already?

So like I posted yesterday morning, we (the wife and I) started a new blog! Check it out here and follow it! There will be lots of interesting posts and some animals resuces and different things! Can you tell we love animals??? lol

Well today went swimingly... that is until the MIL called. Now I for some reason am being bullied by the wife to be all Christmasy and go make COOKIES! How the HELL did I get conned into making and icing Christmas cookies?? Oh and apparently I have no say what-so-ever in this matter. I was promptly told that we are going there tomorrow (today i guess -it is 2:30am) and I'm going to like it becuz she is going to make ME a non-scrooge! OMG! Well she has another thing coming! Can't she leave my convictions about this blasted holiday alone??? Of course not! What's worse yet..I have to be there Wednesday as well for Christmas on Christmas Eve! WTF??? Two days in a friggin row??? Are you kidding me??? If I don't post in a few days you will know that I have magically and blissfully thrown myself in front of a moving semi-truck!

I so far have two people who are going to be guest posting this week!! Yay!!! Can't wait to hand over the reins and let them at it!!! :)

Well the food and sleep beckon me! So for now I am off! I promise to try and not murder myself while in the process of cooking baking! OMG! I can't believe she is making me friggin do this! Can't it be the 26th already??? WOW!!!
Signing off,


Felisa said...

But you gotta let the wife unscrooge you! I was trying to make some sugar cookies with my sister and her boyfriend 2 days ago and it totally ruined my mood that they were both so unenthusiastic about it =( And then the cookies turned out to be as hard as rocks. That's probably because there was no love in them! lol

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Well if you're going to all the trouble to bake them you might as well send me a dozen. :)

kel said...

awww.. i hope you have fun... or at least tolerate it!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Feeling a bit scroogy are we? LOL

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I hear ya... by the way I left you an award on my blog.

bernthis said...

Thanks for the reminder as to the upside of my divorce. I can tell that woman to kiss my ass and I don't give a damn what he thinks.