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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What bloggin does for me :)

I guess I have to much time on my hands? Or is blogging just my release? I haven't really figured it out yet. But when I do I will let you know.

My days usually are filled with posting ads about my companies, chatting in chat rooms to promote my companies, having fun chatting in my Yahoo Groups and posting ads in them to promote my companies. So basically I promote my companies from sun up to sun down. That is what I do. The wife works odd days (15 days a month) and so I am left here, alone, bored, and find myself talking to the dogs alot. Which, no, they do not talk back. The wife works 12 hour shifts. And thank goodness this is her short week. Which means that she works Wednesday and Thursday only this week but goes back Monday. So this weekend we plan on finally finishing painting the house, taking the dogs to the dog park, and doing some much needed house cleaning.

But as for my blogging. I love it! And I am soooo glad that I started it and met some really wonderful new friends here in the blogging world! :) It's been great reading new posts everyday and searching out new people. I just love it. It is my release for a hour or so a day (or night). I find myself usually doing the blog thing like I am now in the middle of the night when I can't see to find any peace to sleep. (It's 2am here in ohio right now)

Sometimes in the middle of the night when there is nothing to blog about I find myself in my kitchen doing dishes or house cleaning if it needs done becuz during the day it is just to hard to pry myself from the computer :)

I have also found from my own blog and reading others that it is a nice way to just rant and rave about anything and everything. Which I know I have done on a few occassions and will probably do again sometime soon :)

Well not to much to post about right now..... Just wanted to say a few words before I find something to do with myself :)
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Vicky said...

cute :)

Vicky said...

cute :)

Vodka Mom said...

I love blogging, too. I just can't seem to find ENOUGH time to visit the blogs I love. dammit.

need. more. time. :-)

April said...

hey hey! thanks so much for the follow!!!

Bee said...

Thanks, Sabrae, for stopping by my blog! I love the blogging randomness of meeting new people!

Anna Lefler said...

I always love hearing why people blog. Everyone seems to have their own special reason...which I guess is why blogs are as individual as people are.

Great post and thanks for visiting "my place!" Take care...

:^) Anna

Rhaingel said...

This is a cute post and maybe, you find yourself entertained and happy whenever you blog.

I am looking forward to your next posts. :)