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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Up close and a little to personal!

So some of my loyal readers yesterday commented on the piercings and some actually sent me an email wondering about them!! Like "Did it hurt?" "How many?" You know ..... those types of questions!!! :) So becuz I am a wonderful person and I like to please everyone, I decided to just post them on here just to show you all how up close and personal I can really get!!!

*Don't worry.... none of the piercings that are in private parts of my body are shown!!!

So I was asked how many piercings I actually have yesterday by LLCoolJoe.... well in all I have 32 piercings!! LOL Before you go running and screaming and thinking that I am some freak of nature hear me out..... yes I have 32 piercings... BUT NO I do not look funky at all when I wear them! I do not however wear them all all the time. I only wear about 7 or 8 of them at all times becuz well frankly they are the hardest to take out and I don't want to hassle with it! :)

Also I have 5 tatoo's in which I will show you pictures of those to!!!

*Mind you before I took any pictures of myself at all this morning I took a long shower becuz even though you can't see me in person you are seeing parts of my body up close and personal! lol And I don't like the outside world seeing me unless I am all dolled up! lol So here come the pictures!!!

Here are the piercings :

This is my left ear. As you can see in this picture I only have two in. Normally there are 10 in this ear.

This is my right ear! Normally there are also 10 that go into this ear! But these two are a pain in the butt to take in and out! lol Do you see the above picture^^^ Well that long piercing at the top, Well I have two of those that are supposed to go into this ear as well!!! :)

This is my favorite piercing of all time! :) And the very last one that I actually had done. I got it done last year! This is called a Monroe piercing... Not really sure why they call it that... No it did not hurt to get done but it did leave me looking like I got a fat lip for about a week :)

Ok so this is a little up close and personal to my mouth I know! lol Don't mind the fillings...But yes that is a tounge ring on the top.... That one is clearly shown in my default picture and on my post from yesterday so I didn't feel a need to take another picture of it :) But that other one is yes one UNDER my tounge :) LOL!!! I know now that you are thinking that I really am a freak!!! lol But I love them all!!!

I have others that are not in this morning and NO I was not going to put them all in and show them off.... to much of a hassel and it would have taken like an hour to do so. And well some of them are placed in areas that I can't exactly show on here anyway! :)

Now on to the tatoos!!!!! :)
This is above the left boob... on the chest to be exact... Not sure what I was thinking when I got this done..... hmmmmmmm I actually do not remember when and where this was done or who did it..... Do you see the <--------black underneath???? Well that is cover up! LOL That use to be the word BITCH in very bold letters. Funny thing is can't remember who did the tatoo either... Glad those drunken nights are behind me! :)

Left shoulder balde. Second tatoo I ever had done! I was 18!!! But my very first tatoo is of course the one that I am most proud of! :) That is next!!!!!!

I had a very very hard time getting a picture of this... I am home alone so it's not like I could as the dogs to snap the picture for me!!! lol But from what you can see it is a heart with a rose going down thru the middle of it with some tribal design around it. Later in life (like when I loose 20 more pounds) I want to add on to it and have it reach all the way around to my belly button :)

This is the only tatoo on my body that has nothing to do with hearts! lol This is pedro pablo the lizard! :) This little bad boy took a year to finish. Talk about some endearing pain!!! OMG! He is placed on my right hip! And no at the time I could not bring myself to get him finished... But then one time about a year after he was started I broke my foot and wanted something to keep my mind off of it so I went and got him finished :)

And last but not least this is on my right forearm. Not sure really why I got it there... But I did :)

So that is my tatoo's and piercing's up close and very personal! Hope you enjoyed!

Signing off,

Sabrae Carter

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Tenakim said...

Holy shit- I didn't know all those places could be pierced! Kudos!

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow thanks for sharing your piercings and tats with the world. Those in the mouth look damn painful. I only have 6 holes in my ears and have never wanted anything else pierced. I hate my body so I certainly wouldn't want to decorate it in any way.

Saying that I do have 2 hidden tats that I got when I was a student and drunk. :D

Geez and you even showered before you took the photos! I'm impressed!

Will you anything else pierced or inked??

Sabrae said...

Tenakim - You would be really surprised if you knew where they all really were!!!

Joe - Hidden huh??? lol Well yes I probably am not done with the far as tatoo's go... I want two more and that is it!! lol but then again I did say that before ....hmmmm So yes I will get more done ;)

LL Cool Joe said...

Well on my butt and one on my lower back. :D

I would like a black band of barbed wire on my arm, but can't see me getting one now.

I like the piercing through the eyebrow. Not for me, but I think it looks cool.

Sabrae said...

Joe - I actually have a double eye brow piercing! A tatoo on your butt huh???? LMAO!!!! TO FUNNY!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

What? We can't see all the piercings? How am I supposed to believe that you really have that many then??? LOL

Sabrae said...

Ron- Just take my word for it! lol Just take my word!!! And I don't think it would be really appropriate for me to just paste my privates on a blog that a lot of moms read! lol

amy (metz) walker said...

Oh my gosh!!! That's a LOT of piercings, girl!

Dooder City said...

the piercings under the tongue are so gnarly. i don't even know how they did that!

Sparkling Red said...

I love the Monroe piercing. I'd love to have one of those, with a tiny diamond stud. But I don't think I could get away with it at work.

I used to have a nose ring, but I took it out for that same reason.

Diane said...

I got my first tattoo on my right leg.... on my 42nd birthday... It's a flying tattoo.. It's all healed up and follows me around...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I have 12 piercings and three tattoos. I've had my right nipple pierced three separate times and not one time would it heal up. The 12 piercings are 6 in each ear (lobe only). I want one more tattoo and then I'll be finished (I think...)

Mrs4444 said...

Very interesting. I've always kind of wanted to pierce my tongue, but I don't have the nerve. Obviously, you have enough for the both of us!

I'll look at the sale stuff when I'm near my purse :)

Mandy said...

You are a braver woman than I! I have always wanted a tattoo, but have never had the nerve to do so. I don't like pain. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I thought there was a cream you could apply first to make the pain of the tattoo more bareable?

Yeah, I DO regret the butt one. :D