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Monday, November 17, 2008


So I was going to do this wonderful stocking stuffer post today... But things got hectic and didn't find the time to download all the pictures and such. SOOOOOOOOO instead I am just going to blab a bit and head off!!! I also wanted to post a contest... but for some odd strange reason my Blackberry is being gay and won't send the picture to my email address so I can save it and up load it here!!! Damn it all!!! If it isn't blogger acting up it's the computer or the stupid phone!!!!

So I have called T-Mobile to find out what the stupid situation is... I thought it was just my phone being gay...but it turns out it isn't and its a error in their system and all the phones are having trouble with the internet connects and it should "be up and running as quickly as possible!" Yea right.... like what a month from now? Stupid stupid phone companies!!! I swear if my cell wasn't my friggin life line I would toss it out the window driving down the highway doing a 100mph!!! But I love my ONLY connection to the outside world when the wife isn't home... so I couldn't possibly handle doing that!!!! I would gooooo nuts!!

Today was pretty uneventful for me .... I actually got to sleep in past 5am becuz the wife is off work today and tomorrow. Got up around ohhhh ummmm 9:30. Yes for me that is way to late to sleep in! Answered all 145 emails. Should have posted my blog then... but just didn't feel like it. So I am doing it now at 10pm. Went to Wally world to do our shopping for the week. Went to the Dr. appointment. And came home and made a pizza for lunch and sat around for the rest of the day doing much of nothing...

Now at 10pm I am actually drinking a bit for the first time in for like ever. :) Decided I needed a drink or 5. :) Well its off for the night!
Signing off,
Sabrae Carter


Real Live Lesbian said...

Here's hoping the phone company gets it's sh*t together!

Mmmm...I love it when my girl's off and we can lounge!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Nothing like a good lounge :)

Hope the phone is back to normal soon.

Anna Lefler said...

Hey, Sabrae!

Aside from the lame phone problem, sounds like you had a pretty mellow day - awesome.

Thanks for the comments! Have a smooth night...

:^) Anna